6th Grade Team

Erin Haydon - ELA 
Jill Lenser - Science
Bethany Skiver - Social Studies
Alivia Byerly - Math
Sharon Turner - Intervention

6th Grade Class Work & Homework

Please see your child's agenda for the most accurate class work and homework, as assigments may change throughout the week.





2/20-2/24 Math Social Studies Science Reading
Monday       NO SCHOOL
Tuesday       HW-QUIZ Friday (33-39)
Wed.       HW-QUIZ Friday
Thursday       QUIZ tomorrow (33-39)
Friday       HW-Maniac (40-46)





2/20-2/24 Byerly (LA) Haydon (LA) Lenser (LA) Skiver (LA)
Monday   NO SCHOOL    
Tuesday   5 W's-No HW    
Wed.   5 W's Wrap Up-No HW    
Thursday   HW-6 Writing Prompts due March 17 (assigned at the start of quarter 3)    
Friday   Unit 12 (Synonyms). HW-Writing prompts due March 17    


Mission Statement

        The mission of Brookville Local Schools is to challenge, prepare and support all students to realize their full potential.

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