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Athletic Department needs a ticket taker (or couple) to take tickets on Friday night at the High School football games.  Please contact Mike Lindsey at or 833-9611.   

If interested in helping out the athletic department as a need occurs, please contact Athletic Director Mike Lindsey at or 937-833-9611.



$6.00               Adults / Students     Varsity football, Boys and Girls varsity/reserve  Basketball at the gate

$5.00               Adults / Students   Varsity Volleyball

                                                          Varsity Boys and Girls Soccer

                                                          Varsity Wrestling

$4.00               Adults / Students   All non-Varsity sports

                                                        (example: 7th & 8th grade)

$4.00               Students          PRESALE (Brookville residents only)

   Tickets for football  and boys basketball games will be  available in the high school office/Activities Director’s office.

$5.00               Adults             PRESALE (Brookville residents only)

Tickets for football and boys basketball games will be available in the high school office/Activities Director’s office.

Brookville sports passes for the 2015-16 season are on sale ONLY between August 3rd  through August 14th will be as follows:

Family Pass $200.00

Adult Pass $80.00

Student Pass $70.00

After August 16th , the prices will increase as follows:

Family Pass $225.00

Adult Pass $90

Student Pass $80

We are also still having seasonal sports passes.  They will only be available for

families. Passes will be available at a cost of $100 for either the fall or winter sports season.  Therewill be no individual seasonal sports passes.  The only passes that will be accepted at a school event will be passes purchased at the school.  You must show your pass at the gate or you will not get in without it.  Replacement passes will be cost $2.00 per pass.  If you have any questions, please contact the athletic office at 833-6761.

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