Due to the overwhelming popularity of the sale, the Brookville Athletic Department will be having a May Madness Pre (Pre-sale) sports passes sale for the 2015-16 season. They will be on sale beginning Friday, May 1st –Friday, May 15th ONLY.  These prices will be for this time frame only and provide you with a savings of $50 per family pass and $10 per single adult/student pass.  The May Madness prices are as follows:  

Family Pass $175.00

Adult Pass $75.00

Student Pass $65.00

If you have any questions, please contact the athletic office at 833-6761.

ATTENTION - To see the current schedule for a particular sport, go to the Jump to Sport  section on the right-hand side of the page and choose the sport of interest.


If interested in helping out the athletic department as a need occurs, please contact Athletic Director Mike Lindsey at or 937-833-9611.



$6.00               Adults / Students     Varsity football, Boys and Girls varsity/reserve  Basketball at the gate

$5.00               Adults / Students   Varsity Volleyball

                                                          Varsity Boys and Girls Soccer

                                                          Varsity Wrestling

$4.00               Adults / Students   All non-Varsity sports

                                                        (example: 7th & 8th grade)

$4.00               Students          PRESALE (Brookville residents only)

   Tickets for football  and boys basketball games will be  available in the high school office/Activities Director’s office.

$5.00               Adults             PRESALE (Brookville residents only)

Tickets for football and boys basketball games will be available in the high school office/Activities Director’s office.


Family Pass $225.00

Adult Pass $85

Student Pass $75

Fall or Winter Family Passes $100 (immediate family in household)

*There will be no individual seasonal sports passes.  The only passes that will be accepted at a school event will be passes purchased at the school.  You must show your pass at the gate or you will not get in without it. Passes are only good for home events and NO tournament games or invitationals.*

** Replacement Passes will cost $2.00 per pass**

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