Lunch Menus

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Use the PayForIt button to put money on your student's lunch account.        


Brookville Local Schools offers a hot lunch or a sack lunch to Intermediate and High School students on alternating days depending on the student's dining location on that day.  Students will be notified which days they are eating in the cafeteria, receiving a hot lunch and which days they are eating in alternate locations, receiving a sack lunch.  The cost for lunch is $3.05.  Students may also pack their lunch.  Students will receive an e-mail each morning with a form that they are to use to let the cafeteria know if they intend to purchase lunch and if it is their day for a hot lunch or a sack lunch.  Unfortunately, during this time, we are unable to permit the sale of any extra items whatsoever.  Parents may send in money daily but are strongly encouraged to either pay on-line or by check. If a child is on free or reduced lunch, it is not noticeable to anyone.  The computer system keeps a record of your child's purchases. 


If you have any questions about lunch charges, you may call Food Service manager Mark Porter at (937) 833-6761, x2610