Frequently Asked Questions:

Q.   Where can i find the official district Bylaws and Policies?
A.  Click on this link HERE or copy and paste this address into your internet browser:
Q.   Where do I find a link for Progress Book Parent Access?
A.  Progress Book for Parents: On the Home Page of the Brookville Schools web site, click the “PB Parents” portal button. This button is found on the very top of the page in the black header. This will take you to the Progress Book site. At the site you will find an emblem that will link you to the Brookville Schools’ Progress Book. 
Q.   How do I get a password for Progress Book for Parents?
A. Contact your child’s building office and tell them you need a password for Progress Book for Parents. Office staff can provide this password.
1.       High School – (937) 833-6761
2.       Intermediate School – (937) 833-6731
3.       Elementary School – (937) 833-6796
Q.   How do I register my student for school?
A. Parents or legal guardians will register their child(ren) at the school building they will be attending. Please bring the following items with you at the time of registration:
1.      Birth Certificate
2.      Official transcript from previous schools
3.      Standardized testing scores
4.      Shot Records/Immunizations
5.      Proof of Residency
6.      Proof of Legal Custody (if not living with both parents)
Q.   What are the requirements to enter kindergarten?
A.  Child must be age 5 on or before August 1. In addition to the above, a completed Ohio Health History Form with physician’s signature.
Q.   Does Brookville Schools participate in Open Enrollment?
A.  No. At this time Brookville Schools does not accept Open Enrollment students. The district does accept tuition students. The amount of tuition is set by the State Department of Education and changes each year. You can get this amount by calling the District Office at (937) 833-2181. Below are the criteria for accepting tuition students:
1.   Tuition students are accepted in grades K-12 during the months of August and September and the first week of the second semester.
2. In order to apply to become a tuition student, the following information must be provided for the Superintendent’s review:
A.  Student’s “final original” grade report card for the previous school year or a letter from the resident school district verifying grades/GPA. Student must have and maintain a 2.00 GPA.
b.  A letter from the principal or guidance counselor of the school the student currently attends addressing the student’s attendance, discipline, and behavior.
c.   A down payment, based on the tuition rate received from the Ohio Department of Education, is due at the time of application.
3. Parent(s)/Guardian(s) are responsible for all school fees. This is over and above the tuition.
4.  For students in grades 7-12, if a student attends the first fifteen (15) days of the school year, a release from the OHSAA is not required. Otherwise, a release must be obtained from the resident district before a student is permitted to practice or participate in OHSAA-sponsored athletic programs.
5.  If a student has been home schooled and no grade report is available:
a. Parents/Teacher can present a portfolio of the student’s work which will then be evaluated by the principal or guidance counselor to determine the level the student is doing work.
b.  Test results from a national standardized test are also acceptable (not SAT or ACT-CAT/Iowa/Woodcock).
Q.   How do I apply to be a substitute teacher?
A.  Submit a résumé or complete an application (available at the Board of Education office) to the Superintendent’s office. Applications are kept on file for two (2) years.
B.  Provide a copy of your teaching license. If you do not currently hold an Ohio teaching license but you do have a Bachelor’s Degree, you must apply for a Substitute License. The application form is available at the Board office or can be downloaded at the Ohio Department of Education web site. An official transcript will need to be submitted with the application along with the appropriate application fee. If you already have an application in process, please provide a copy of the application, if possible, along with a copy of your official transcript.
C. Background Check – BCI&I and FBI background checks must have been completed within the past 365 days. If you have already been fingerprinted, you will need to provide the results of both background checks. If you have not been fingerprinted, you will need to do so. This process can be started through the Superintendent's office. 
Q.   How do I apply for a non-teaching job in the school district?
A.  Submit a résumé or complete an application (available at the Board of Education office) to the Superintendent’s office. Applications are kept on file for two (2) years.