District Goals Set for 2018-19

At Brookville Schools, we divide these annual goals into three very distinct categories; 1) Student Success, 2) Instructional Practices and 3) Staff Wellness Goals.  Therefore, we work daily at student achievement, personal professional development and role modeling strong social and physical practices.


Like business, schools must constantly track the progress of our development and achievement.  It clarifies what is important to us, shows us performance trends, allows us to see the impact of our interventions and, in the end, know how our actual performance matches the goals we have set.  So along the way, we are constantly adjusting our strategies and tactics accordingly when necessary.


The purpose of this article is to share with you, as a community, the goals that have been set by Brookville Schools for the 2018-19 school year.  Mr. Hopkins, school superintendent, went over them with staff during in service time.  Each staff member was given a copy.  With your support, the hard work of our students and staff, achievement is possible.  And that in turn, means successful students and a high achieving district.

2019 District Goals

If you have questions or comments regarding these goals, please contact Mr. Hopkins or any school administrator for clarification.


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