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  • Workshop Groups
    Group 1: Brian, Cody, Katie, Corbin
    2: Matt, Abby, Caitlin, Bailey
    3: Ben, Nick M, Caity, Sam H, Sam B
    4: Rebekkah, Nick L, Lauren, Bethany
  • Workshop ORDER
    *Comment sheets for workshopped poems are due the day your workshop person presents
    *All other comment sheets for their second, non-workshop poems are due Monday 4/16!
    Both poems are due by Tuesday 4/17 midnight with rubric attached or hard copy turned in to top basket Tuesday.
    Mark which poem you are workshopping on your Poetry Unit so that your group members know which one to focus on first.
    Don't forget to share your Poetry Unit with me:

    Wed: Brian, Matt, Ben, Rebekkah, Cody, Abby
    Thurs: Nick M, Nick L, Katie, Caitlin, Caity, Lauren
    Fri: Corbin, Bailey, Sam H, Sam B, Bethany and any excused absences

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