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    Monday: Phrase Quiz submit online (notes/wkshts permitted); copy Act IV wksht on Elmo when finished; Discuss Act IV, view film 

    Tuesday- Read and discuss Act V; fill in “tragedy” wksht; begin film

    Wednesday: finish film; Introduce Eulogy Project; Find appropriate funeral attire for Thursday! Don’t buy ANYTHING- you may borrow!; Act 5 quiz online; eulogies due by midnight Sunday shared with me in Group Leader’s online English I folder on Google!

    Thursday- Create list of activities to use when applying for scholarships and submitting resumes -(10 points)-put a copy in your portfolio folder in the pocket! Review resume examples as well as interview tips!; WW (portfolios or eulogies)

    Friday- Print off eulogies and practice TODAY! Make sure rubric is shared online under the eulogy!; Choose what you will be reading out loud for points on exam day! Eulogy Project due Sun. by midnight on Google



    Monday: Eulogy Presentations in auditorium.  Wear appropriate funeral attire and have your eulogy printed and prepared for presentation! Act appropriately!

    Tuesday-Thursday: Exams! Portfolios are due on your designated exam day.  If you are finished early, then submit your portfolio early for 10 bonus points! Activity list is due in Portfolio- LAST GRADE OF QUARTER!



    Monday: Don’t forget about your reading log- may log in homework reading this week! Due in portfolio! P. 51 in yellow grammar packet that was homework; complete the rest of yellow packet; WW; review notes from Act II wksht from Friday – 7th period missed because of college signing day-HW=2.3

    Tuesday:  Discuss 2.3; Finish Act II and begin Act III; Act III wksht = allusions

    Wednesday:  Finish Act III; complete wksht together

    Thursday: Quiz over phrases on Monday!  Notes/wkshts permitted!; WW; editing conferences; view Act II/III film and/or work on AV Letter

    Friday: Final AV Letter due! Take Act II/III quiz online; Begin reading/discussing Act IV; wksht over “comic relief”


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